For improved productivity and incident reduction, HYTORC leads the industry in safety and operational training initiatives.

OSHA Courses

Bolted joints are an essential part of virtually every industrial process. The proper assembly of these essential connections puts technicians "up close and personal" with powerful tools, extreme forces, hazardous materials, elevated temperatures and pressures. Perhaps no other maintenance activity demands a greater degree of safety awareness and basic "best practices" training. This course will:
  • Lower the risk of bolting related incidents such as equipment failures and environmental impacts
  • Involve students with classroom and "hands on" tool handling
  • Provide information compatible with latest ASME standards
  • Promote safety, quality, and efficiency
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ASME Courses

In cooperation with ASME Training and Development, the bolting experts at HYTORC present two definitive courses on bolting principles and practices. The bolted joint assembly principles course will train and test bolting personnel at the supervisory level on the technological and practical problems of assembling bolted joints in large scale industrial applications. The qualified bolting specialist course is designed to train and evaluate key lead bolting personnel to inspect, assemble, disassemble and tighten bolted joints in an effective and safe manner with minimal supervision.


HYTORC is an active member of the VPPPA (Voluntary Protection Programs Participant’s Association) to further our mission of safety in the workplace. We participate in the annual VPPPA Safety conference and collaborate with members to continue to pursue safety education and training. We offer OSHA courses on Safe Bolting Practices and Principles on a regular basis to help member companies build comprehensive safety training programs.


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